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Pastor Sam & Anitha
 Pastor P.K. Samkutty and Anitha Sam


I’m so glad you visited

A few years ago, as I was praying for guidance from God on where my ministry should be in the next few years, God gave me a direction toward Austin, Texas through friends and servants of God in the US. Prior to starting this church in Austin, I was working for the last three decades in North India with the Full Gospel Church of God.

God showed me Acts 1:8 which goes like this

“And you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.”

      There are a lot of people from India and other cultures who are seeking the love of Jesus Christ in the United States and especially the city of Austin. As our tagline says, we want to “Impact lives through love” in this city and show them the love of Christ. There have been previous efforts by many ministers of God in this city in the past, and I wanted to carry on the vision and establish a Spirit filled church in Austin. We truly are a “come as you are” church with an approach to show the love and care that Jesus displayed to everyone while he was on earth.

      We are multi-lingual for a reason, so languages, place of origin, or level of comfort with Christianity should not be a hindrance for one who truly wants to know Jesus. If you would like to get to know Jesus, or learn more about salvation, or even grab a cup of coffee with an Indian pastor who really loves to meet new people and share experiences, please feel free to call us or email through our contact page. We would be more than excited to hear from you.


God bless you and keep you.

Pastor Samkutty & Anitha Sam

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