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Life Impact Church is called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and share the beliefs of the Bible and to inspire people to worship God, with a passion to serve the community. We believe in impacting lives through love. Our aim is to reach out to all people, and provide good fellowship for the Indians and all other people, in and around Austin.

Pastor P. K. Samkutty
Senior Pastor

"To see lives restored, minds reformed, and hearts transformed- one day at a time, one person at a time."

Our vision is to be a body of Christ, unified in diversity, by reaching the lost in and around the world, through church planting, and other social work. Our belief is; to be the essence of God, by impacting lives through love, and to reach the unreached for the glory of God, and lead people to Jesus Christ as one body despite human differences, and provide spiritual fellowship to everyone.


Life Impact Church launched in 2015 when Pr. P.K. Samkutty moved from India and came to Austin, TX, to plant an Indian multilingual church in the city. With the help of Rev. Mathew Oommen, and the support of Emmanuel Pentecostal Church (EPC) Houston who have aided the vision of Pr. Samkutty to see the vision come to fruition in the initial days, and continue to maintain spiritual partnership with the church.


Pr. P. K. Samkutty (Pr. Sam) is also actively involved with international missions. And this church also supports missions work in the different states of India, partnering with EPC Houston.


This church aims to share the love of Jesus Christ and believes in being Christ like. And like our name, we believe in impacting lives for the better and being an ambassador of God's love through fellowship. We want to help change lives through the reality of Jesus Christ.

Our Story
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